Making Committed Disciples of Jesus Christ!

We would love to get you connected with one of our discipleship communities! If you desire more information regarding a specific class, let us know!

We offer three adult Sunday School classes on campus at 9am.

Classroom 1

3 Simple Rules by Bishop Rueben Job – Taught by Rev. Jack Allen

This class focues on John Wesley’s 3 simple rules. Do No Harm. Do Good. Stay In Love With God. Class begins with a 10-12 minute video followed by discussion.

Classroom 2

Walking With Jesus – Taught by Clark Ratcliffe

This class is based on a harmony of the gospels, which outlines one possible timeline of Christ’s ministry on Earth. Each week, we will be looking at some of the activities he did that week, possibly in 27 A.D. The goal of doing this is twofold. First is to give us a better picture of what is was like to be with our Lord as he ministered. Secondly, to gain insight into how we can be more like him in our day-to-day lives. I’ve personally been following this since last May, and it has made a difference in my life. May it do so for you, too! Each week is an independent study, although obviously the more you attend the more you will see. Come join us anytime!
Blessings and love, Clark

Classroom 3

Gospel of Matthew – Taught by Jack Watt

This is class is a traditional Bible study in which a few verses are read aloud and disscussed each week.

We offer a mens and womens class on Tuesdays.

Bible Buddies

Be Committed: Esther by Warren W. Wiersbe  – Taught by Cheryl Pischek

Bible Buddies is studying the book of Esther. We will meet again on November 2, 2021 at 9:30 a.m. and continue our study Esther by focusing on chapter 2: 1-23. In your study books we will also study chapter 2, The New Queen. The next meeting date will be November 16, 2021. We will be discussing Esther 3 and chapter 3, An Old Enemy with a New Name, in our study books.

Man in the Mirror

Jesus Unleashed by Patrick Morley – Taught by John Croft

What would you do with Jesus unleashed? Find out by attending our six-week “Jesus Unleashed” Bible study starting Tuesday, Oct. 26th, and running through Tuesday, Dec. 7th. We’ll meet at church each Tuesday night except for November 23rd (Thanksgiving week) at 6:30 p.m. for just slightly more than an hour to watch a Man in the Mirror video and discuss what we have seen. There’s no cost and there’s no homework. Just come and bring your Bible. The six topics in the “Jesus Unleashed” series are:

  1. “Jesus, I’m Begging You Please”;
  2. “Why Am I Suffering?”;
  3. “Why Did Jesus Miraculously Feed 5,000–If It Really Happened?”;
  4. “Your Imperfect Faith Is Enough”;
  5. “This Bad Thing Could Easily Be the Best Thing that Ever Happens to You”;
  6. “Lazarus Lessons.”

Come join us for a study written for men by men who understand our faith walk–its highs and its questions.

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