Holy Week

Watch our video that covers all of our upcoming Holy Week activities!

Maundy Thursday

Our cross for our community.

Our cross, which has traditionally been anchored in our sanctuary, will move throughout our community this week. The cross is symbol, a sign, that points us towards the Passion of Jesus Christ. The Latin word for passion means to suffer, bear, or endure. Listed below are the times and locations where our cross will reside this week. If you feel comfortable, visit our cross when it is close to you. Instructions for what to leave at the cross can be found in our video above.

Thursday Morning ~ 9329 Timbercreek Boulevard, Spanish Fort

Thursday Afternoon ~ 7860 Reagan Lane, Spanish Fort

Our Good Friday Service will take place on our YouTube channel at 7PM. Watch the video above to learn how to prepare your house for this year’s service.

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